Hyejin (Anna) Kim

Hyejin (Anna) Kim


E-mail: akim@lovingbyserving.org

Hello! My name is Anna Kim, and I am the Principal of Servant Leaders Christian Academy. As Principal, I focus on serving our teachers so that they can show God’s love to students and families. I also work regularly with students and view teaching as more than only teaching a subject–we are sharing our time and our lives together. When I help students with math, we also talk about our days, what we have learned, and any conflicts that we can overcome together. We pray for each other and get to know one another better every day.

I am thankful that God has allowed me to be in Wisconsin for a season to establish our campuses here, and I see my work not as a job but a calling. I am also the Chief Operating Officer of our nonprofit, Loving by Serving, with the role of developing schools throughout the U.S. and other countries as God opens doors. I know there are children who have never heard the Gospel or haven’t had the chance to even think about attending a Christian school because it is too expensive or doesn’t exist in their community. We are committed to providing a Christian education that is accessible and which helps students discover their purpose in Christ.

I studied Mathematics for Teaching (B.S.) at University of California Los Angeles, Applied Educational Leadership at University College London–Institute of Education, and earned a Master of Education at University of Washington. Besides loving to travel and remaining a lifelong learner, my hobbies include Taekwondo, spending full days at art museums, painting, and listening to music. I also love to encourage other people to study! What happens at school is precious and learning can symbolize hope and moving forward.

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