Student Leadership

Autism Awareness Conference at SLCA

In April, SLCA held its first Autism Awareness Conference. The conference was student-led by a student with autism and his parents. Each of them shared valuable information regarding important facts, giftings, challenges, and tools that uniquely affect those with autism. The parents offered helpful insight regarding their son with autism, exhibiting a range of strengths and challenges that can be directly related to his diagnosis (e.g., learning to read at a very early age, memorizing information quickly, sensory needs, and learning visually). In addition, this opportunity gave all attendees the opportunity to ask questions in order to gain a deeper understanding on what it is like to both live with autism and support someone with autism.

A Note From the Parent

A parent shared that once she accepted her son with autism for who he really is, she was able to see strengths and beauty she hadn’t seen before. He suddenly made sense to her. Moreover, once she understood the things he struggled with, it made every milestone that much more significant. It has been such a joy to celebrate his achievements.