Academic Calendar

2021-2022 School Year

Below are the important dates for the SLCA school year.

Beginning & Ending Dates

No School

Special Event

Aug. 30

First day of school
Fall Trimester Begins

Sept. 6

Labor Day (no school)

Oct. 1

Hat Day
Wear your favorite hat to school!

Oct. 6

Library books due (Milton Campus)

Oct. 7

Royal Oak Farm Field Trip

Oct. 8

Delavan Fire Station Field Trip

Oct. 11

Columbus Day (no school)

Oct. 21

Virtual Field Trip to India

Oct. 28

Parent-Teacher Conferences
(half-day for students)

Nov. 11

Veterans Day (no school)

Nov. 23

Thanksgiving Celebration

Nov. 25 – 26

Thanksgiving Vacation (no school)

Dec. 3

Virtual Field Trip to South Korea

Dec. 17

Create Christmas Crafts

Dec. 18

Christmas Performance

Dec. 22

Christmas Party (games)

Dec. 23

Fall Trimester Ends

Dec. 24 – Jan. 2

Winter Break (no school)

Jan. 3

Winter Trimester Begins

Jan. 14

Virtual Field Trip to Philippines

Jan. 21

Rock Painting Party

Jan. 28

Talent Show

Feb. 8 – 12

Spirit Week

Feb. 18

Science Event

Feb. 25

Celebrate Friendship Event

Mar. 2

Parent Teacher Conferences (half day for students)

Mar. 4

Virtual Game Tournament

Mar. 11

Virtual Field Trip to Africa/Europe

Mar. 18

Cooking Fun

Mar. 18

Winter Trimester Ends

Mar. 21

Spring Trimester Begins

April 9 – 17

Spring Break (no school)


Good Friday Celebration

April 15

Virtual Field Trip to the Moon

May 13

Virtual Field Trip to the Zoo

May 27

Science Event

May 30

Memorial Day (no school)

June 1

Performance Day

June 3

Project Presentation/Awards Day

June 4

Secret Server Reveal

June 3

Last Day of School
Spring Trimester Ends