Academic Calendar

2023-2024 School Year

Below are the important dates for the SLCA school year.

Beginning & Ending Dates

No School

Special Event

Aug. 28

First day of school
Fall Trimester Begins

Sept. 4

Labor Day (no school)

Sept. 29

School Field Trip (Madison Zoo)

Oct. 3

Student Council

Oct. 6

Hat Day (half-day)

Oct. 9

Columbus Day (no school)

Oct. 19

Milton Senior Living

Oct. 26

Parent-Teacher Conferences

Nov. 2

Student Council

Nov. 3

Crazy Hair Day

Nov. 10

Veteran Speaker

Nov. 11

Veterans Day (no school)

Nov. 21

Thanksgiving Celebration

Nov. 22 – 24

Thanksgiving Vacation (no school)

Dec. 1

Morning Muffins 

Dec. 7

Milton Senior Living

Dec. 9

Pajama Day

Dec. 15

Christmas Performance

Dec. 21

Fall Trimester Ends/Class Party

Dec. 22 – Jan. 1

Winter Break (no school)

Jan. 2

Winter Trimester Begins

Jan. 8

Cookie Service Project 

Jan. 12

Role Play Day (half-day)

Jan. 15

Martin Luther King Jr. Day (no school)

Feb. 16

Friendship Day (half-day)

Feb. 19

Presidents’ Day (no school)

Feb. 28

Virtual Field Trip 

Mar. 7

Parent-Teacher Conferences

Mar. 19

Wacky Day

Mar. 20

Tie Dye Day

Mar. 21

Western Day

Mar. 22

Animal Day

Mar. 23

Winter Trimester Ends/Class Party

Mar. 25 – 29

Spring Break (no school)

Apr. 1

Spring Trimester Begins

Apr. 5

Career Day

Apr. 11

State Capital Field Trip

May 10

Field Trip

May 17

Civil War Day

May 27

Memorial Day (no school)

May 31

Graduation Day

May 31

Last Day of School
Spring Trimester Ends