ClassDojo is a great virtual classroom communication application tool that brings classroom communities together to make education a more exciting and supportive place for students. Our teachers have used a variety of classroom management techniques and nothing has ever been as motivating to the students to encourage them to reach higher academic achievements as ClassDojo.

ClassDojo Gives Students Social-Emotional Success

ClassDojo uses the monster mascot (Mojo) in the classroom for social and emotional learning through interactive activities and engaging videos. Our teachers let their students choose their own ClassDojo monster to give them preference and purpose for building up their ClassDojo points. Mojo and friends also have helped our teachers to introduce social-emotional topics like perseverance and empathy with videos, discussion guides, and activities focusing on positive thinking.

ClassDojo Effectively Monitors Students Behavior

ClassDojo is an easy and effective way to progress to monitor a student’s behavior and social/emotional goals. For example, ClassDojo’s website allows our teachers to print reports of their student’s behavior in a pie chart or an Excel spreadsheet that can be viewed daily, weekly, monthly, or at the end of the school year. Although our teachers have had to adjust their classroom management system to make it work for all students, they know their students and are not afraid to try a few things to figure out what works best.

ClassDojo Virtual Student Progress

Periodically throughout the day, our teachers do what we call a “ClassDojo Point Check” so the students have a way of visibly checking in on their progress. Our teachers frequently put ClassDojo on their Zoom screen share and after a while, the students get used to this and they get excited when they know they’ve reached a breakthrough or a certain level of ClassDojo points. This is also a perfect time for a student’s gratitude worksheet as our teachers allow their students to share with their families on creating an activity portfolio.

ClassDojo User-Friendly Approach

It’s simple for our teachers, students, and parents to log in to or download the app for iPhone or Android devices to view the student’s daily, weekly, and monthly behavior reports. Our teachers enjoy ClassDojo’s cell phone app because they are able to provide spontaneous positive and negative reinforcement to their students. Teachers also offer fun incentive challenges if students acquire a certain level of ClassDojo points like food/drink challenges, eat lunch with a teacher, and no homework pass just to name a few. ClassDojo has been a wonderful virtual expression of transforming our teachers’ classrooms to be the best yet!