Student Leadership

Student Council: Elevating Student Voice and Participation

SLCA student council was established for the purpose of giving students an opportunity to develop student-led school leadership by organizing and participating in student-centered activities and service projects. SLCA’s goal is for the students to establish a student government of relationships between student to student and student to teacher to further practice collaborative servantship. The benefits of the SLCA student council are encouraging student voice opportunities, initiating student roles, and enhancing student engagement. Moreover, by practicing collaborative leadership, students can create their school culture, considering an equitable school spirit and community welfare.


“I Can Serve” (SLCA Volunteering Club)

SLCA believes that by putting God and His ways first, we will be better equipped to serve one another and bring glory to His name. Teachers understand that as a community of faithful believers, we need the gifts of each other to help us grow into the life God has called us to serve, and therefore each student has been encouraged and enabled to explore his or her servant gifts. Students are encouraged to participate in “I Can Serve” opportunities where they find ways to serve others whether it be through simple acts of kindness or a volunteer opportunity that they have a passion for.

The school has created the extracurricular activity, “I Can Serve” (volunteering club) that aligns with the school’s philosophy, mission, vision, and goals. This allows the students to demonstrate their servant leadership gifts and talents. Some examples include, the project-based activity ways of serving God in love, hope, sharing, and kindness; creating student “I Can Serve” lists of responsible home tasks and checking their neighbors; and discussing ways to serve others like writing letters to sick children at hospitals.